Monday, March 16, 2009


Dear readers,
The story that i will write today is about my life and what i went through at my teen.I believe that so many people have gone through the same thing but always go silent for shame.Im sharing my story on how i escaped attempted rape twice in my life.

One afternoon in my neighborhood imet a fine young man named Bony,he was dark tall and very handsome,he approached me and from his talk he convinced me that he has been watching me and that he knows me well,i bought his stories and we became good friends.He started coming to visit me at home but only when am alone in the house, for nine good months i had grown fond of him.One day he complained that he always visit me but i never visit him and as a good pal i saw that i wasnt fare at all,so i decided i will visit him the following day.
The following morning i wored a short skirt innocently and went to his place,warmly i was welcomed and introduced to some of his brothers,then we went in a separated room.Immediately i entered the room he locked the door behind him and threw the keys away from my reach.He then undressed and came towards me,i asked him what he was doing and he kept quiet instead he grabed and threw me in the bed and came ontop of me,i was crying and sreaming but he kept reminding me that i brought myself to be crucified.He managed to get in between my legs and he tried to penetrate,out of nowhere,somebody broke the window and in came his younger brother whom i once schooled with in primary school,due to shock and fear of been seen Bony tried silence his brother by fighting him,getting an opportunity i escaped through the window and cursed that day and i never told a single soul of that day.
The second incident was in high school,we went on a class tour in lake Nakuru National park,we had a good time then it was time for going home,as usual beeing so early most of us dint go home after the trip,i went with three of my pals,two girls and one boys.We went to a nearby gheto,a place i have never been before,Sue on of the girls said her boyfriend lived there and so we went.Without knowing that the three had a bet on me,we then entered a small room with three beds inside,then Jonny and Sue started kissing then Pilsiler joined them they asked me to but i refused.After sometime Sue asked Pilsiler to take her to visit a friend of hers,and of they went leaving me alone with Jonny.and as it happend before Jonny striped naked and tried to get me in the bed,he beat me up and called me names,my school skirt was torn and my bikers removed i screamed for help but in ghetos people give you dead ears,after one good hour of struggling and crying i was so weak and was a bout to give in when i heard a knock at the door,Jonny took a knife,grabed my hand,hide me at the back of the door and put the knife on me,he then threatened to kill me if he hears a sound.He then opened the door,a luckly a friend of mine was looking for me,Jonny told him that i wasnt there and so my friend had to go but not convinced that i wasnt there.After clossing the door Jonny kissed me for being a good girl and we started struggling again but this time as i screamed for help my pal who had come earlier had been standind neat that house listening if he will hears my voice,he rushed to the small house and threatened Jonny to be my witness in case of anything,JOnny had to open the room and tried to negotiate with him but in vain,i was taken home safely with my good pal,told my mum what had happend and justice was done.

To those who have been through the same thing,i will urge you to always talk to someone or the rapers will always go free unpunished,dont ever feel ashamed or get afraid about what other people will say because it is your life which is at stake and not theres.Justice must be done and it starts with you.

Monday, January 12, 2009

condoms in schools

Its such a shame how parents and teachers advices there children indirectly,by indirectly i mean beating around the bush,they tell their kids dont do something its bad but never say why its bad....for instance,most adults get ashamed to hear or even talk about condoms.How can they protect their kids if they cant talk about sex freely?

Condoms in school should be allowed,because in recent reaserch its clear that there is increased rate of pregnancy in primary and in secondary schools.I believe that its up to the parents and any responsible adults to teach and guide students on importance of Abstaining,Being faithful,and condom use(ABC).